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Akrapovic SLIP-ON STREET LEGAL EXHAUST SYSTEM for the R 1150 GS (2003) The Akrapovic SLIP-ON system is the first level of exhaust system tuning, and is therefore relatively simple to install. It is composed of a muffler and a link pipe. The link pipe for the BMW R 1150 GS is made of high-quality stainless steel, while the tubes are cylindrical in section. The joint with the header assembly is a free-floating connection held together with a metal clamp. The stock temperature shield for the legs is used. At the other end, the link pipe and the muffler are welded together in a fixed connection. The muffler is round instead of oval section, in order to conform with the use of the stock temperature shield for the legs. The outer sleeve of the muffler is available exclusively in titanium. The muffler is attached to the motorcycle using an Akrapovic double carbon-fiber clamp, which holds the muffler tightly in place and withstands the physical forces of riding. Performance Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system on the BMW: Power: Up to 4000 rpm the Akrapovic curve matches the stock curve, after which the Akrapovic curve goes past the stock curve and stays there right to the red line. At 6600 rpm the engine supplies the rear wheel with 81 HP. Torque: A slight drop-out can be seen only in the range from 2700 to 3200 rpm. The extra torque will be welcome especially because of the character and purpose of the motorcycle, and will be highly valued by GS owners. In addition to aesthetic and power enhancement, the Akrapovic system also offers the GS added weight savings. Although the bike itself is not light, the weight savings of 3.64 kg will be appreciated. Performance measured on SuperFlow Cycle Dyn Stock Akrapovič Max. increased power Max. rear wheel power (HP / rpm) 78 / 6600 81 / 6600 4.4 / 6000

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