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Krauser K4 Cases

The 42 liter K4 is the Krauser's mid-sized luggage case, and arguably the toughest synthetic hard case made by anyone. The K4 features a tough pebbled surface, which resists scuffing (and worse) remarkably well -- perfect for the commuting and travel needs of demanding riders. The 42 liter K4 is an ideal sidecase for the rider travelling with a passenger, as it allows for more legroom than the larger K5. It's modern looks and tough construction complements many motorcycles. Interchangeable as a topcase or pannier. Can be used in conjunction with a K5 case. Heavy-duty internal cargo straps and quick-release buckles help to keep everything organized. A positive-tension closure system and perimeter rubber seal keeps the cases water-tight. Available in Black / Silver.

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